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Rainbow Run!


rainbow run

In conjunction with local community services organisations and the Whyalla Music Association the Whyalla Youth Advisory Committee is proud to be hosting Diversity Day as part of National Youth Week 2016.

For NYW we wanted our theme to highlight and celebrate South Australia’s cultural diversity. South Australia is home to people from over 200 countries and we see cultural diversity wherever we go, from city to suburb to country town and beyond.

We wanted SA’s National Youth Week theme to put the spotlight on cultural diversity in our local communities. We want all our events in 2016 to bring people together to celebrate the unique cultural flavour of their local community, and of cultural diversity across South Australia.

So, how do we plan on doing this: by celebrating our diversity with colour and a kaleidoscope of entertainment from music to dance, and everything in between.

This day will kick off with a Rainbow Run/walk through Civic Park and Shultz Reserve, this event is not timed the main aim is to get caught up in the moment, celebrate uniqueness and get covered in bright coloured powder!

There will be four colour stations which will be crewed by fun loving noisy people, each station with make sure you get covered in a different colour, which will mean at the end of the four kilometres you will look like your own version of a rainbow
When the Rainbow Run has been completed you will have the opportunity to sit around on the grass and be entertained by talented locals between the ages of 12-25.

There is no need to pre-register for this event, we will have a marquee at Civic Park on the day where you can pick up a participant lanyard.

This day will be full of great entertainment, free food and drinks, bouncy castle amongst other things. We will keep you updated with who will be supporting us to host this fantastic event.
Make sure you keep the date free so we can all get together as one to celebrate our diversity within our great City.

Wear old white clothes or chuck on a tutu and a wig with some funky glasses and we will see you on the day!

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