The Voice of Youth in the community

17 February 2016 – Minutes

Minutes of the Advisory Committee Meeting

held on Wednesday 17th February at 5pm

Whyalla City Council


  • Zoe Ritchie
  • Jarrod Tetlow
  • David Dixon
  • Blake Broughman
  • Amber Gentle
  • Ethan Klobucar
  • Hayden Clemens
  • Cyanne Westerman
  • Gail Rostig


Apologies were received from:

  • Zia Westerman
  • Laniene Cust
  • Jordan Newcombe
  • Dennis Newcombe-Boothey

Minutes of Previous Meeting

NIL – First official meeting






Business Arising



Ethan     Cyanne     Amber     Zoe     Black

  • Councillor Jenny Barnes and other elected members congratulated and applauded YAC members for their efforts to bring Ice Skating to Whyalla. A letter is to be coming from the Elected Members to the YAC.
  • RDA – Presented on Disability and Age Friendly City – Whyalla. Attendees noted the plan had a main focus on aged, YAC members questioned how relevant and inclusive it is to Whyalla, we are to approach the RDA to come and present at the YAC meeting to ensure that disability is a focus not just age.

ACTION: Cyanne and Ethan to draft a letter to the RDA addressing the relevance of the plan in a disability sense, not just from an aged point of view.

Other Business

  • Art Prize – Gail discussed the Art Prize that will be held during NYW (National Youth Week). Certificate of merit for all people who take part as an acknowledgement for their efforts
  • Music Mentor Program – This has been advertised to everyone via social media, and the Whyalla News. We need to make sure we have enough young people involved so the day is full with entertainment. If anyone knows a DJ that would be suitable for the even please let Gail know.
  • Diversity Day & Rainbow Run – Amber to Draft a letter to Lions Whyalla re cooking a sausage sizzle on National Youth Week Diversity Day. The letter is to be sent to Lions in time for their meeting on 1 March to get confirmation that this is able to happen

Lanyards have been ordered, 500 in 5 different colours, orange, yellow, pink, green, and purple.

Colour has been ordered for the run, should arrive soon.

Posters for Diversity Day, we are awaiting the templates from the Office of Youth to be able to advertise our event.

Gail to contact St John Ambulance Volunteers to make sure they can be at the event.

ACTIONS: Amber to draft letter to Lions, Gail to proof read and mail out by 25 March. 

Gail to contact St John and book for the event

  • Twilight Market – The YAC has been invited to take part in the twilight markets down on the foreshore. There will be a movie playing, Grease, lots of stalls selling goods. Rebecca Neilson (community events staff member) has suggested we may like to sell popcorn, sticking with the movie theme. Is there going to be any trouble? Will there be security? No security booked at this stage, but the police are aware of the event

Who will be available?

David      Amber

Ethan      Blake

Hayden   Gail


  • Australia Day – Thank you to everyone that came down and helped out with Australia Day, it is noted and appreciated by Council
  • Ice Skating – On track for the ice skating rink to be set up for the 18th March, just in time for Easter, School Holidays and National Youth Week. Whoever is free after the meeting can head out to the Westland Shopping Centre for a photo with Kate (media) for the media release, Facebook etc.
  • Round the table –
  • Jarrod said it was inconvenient that the circus was at Schultz Reserve as they had to cancel junior cricket, Gail will advise Council of this.
  • It was suggested in the future that it may be beneficial to form sub-committees, with older & younger members to work on different projects which are age specific, this is to be discussed after NYW.
  • When NYW is over the YAC is to decide on 4 events that will be put on each year.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be on Tuesday March 22nd 2016 at 5 pm

The meeting closed at 6.20 pm 

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